Traditional Dura Tumbled bricks profile from DuraBric with painted txt and white background finish – Wings of Glory Cafe, Melbourne

Shopfitters tumbled bricks secret

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Australians seem to have an enduring love of tumbled brickwork. You know the kind…

You walk into a charming eatery wrapped in a cosy warm tumbled bricks facade. If walls could talk, it would eloquently tell of a life full of wondrous moments. There’s something deeply nostalgic about the look of established bricks worn away over time.

But we live in a fast-paced world. What if you don’t have time for your wall to age gracefully. Ever wondered how to get your bricks looking like that?

Recycled tumbled bricks

The cost of recycling bricks can be prohibitive. First, you have to source them. Then you have to transport them, sometimes from more than one location. Finally, you have to somehow make a pile of mismatched bricks turn into beautiful brickwork. As the trend for recycled brick sends fanatics scurring to the second-hand builder’s yard, savvy customers know there are other options.

Manufactured tumbled bricks

Normal bricks can be mill rolled to appear aged with a rough, tumbled texture. This method wears down the brick edges until they resemble recycled bricks. Achieving this finish is, naturally, more costly due to the additional process.


Both recycled and ‘aged’ bricks make tumbled brickwork more expensive. But the shopfitters industry have a well kept commercial secret. They use DuraBric. Because our brick veneer panels aren’t made of real bricks, the panels are cost-effective to make, lightweight to deliver and fast to install. Even better, our tumbled panels are the same price as our standard or rustic profiles.

And they look and feel like real, tumbled bricks.

Shoplifters love our standard tumbled brick profile from DuraBric

Our Dura Tumbled profile with its worn-edged 124 x 75mm brick size can be used for interior and exterior facades alike. Get that authentic, tumbled brick finish with our easy brickwork solution. Contact us for a free, no-obligation quote or to request a sample today.

Looking for inspiration or some great ideas on how to finish off your fake tumbled brick cladding? Check out our gallery or Instagram feed.

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