Dura Herringbone brick pattern profile from Durabric

Introducing Dura Herringbone – our distinctive new brick pattern

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The herringbone brick pattern might be gaining a reputation due to one of the latest trends across global retail. But the origins of herringbone brickwork go right back to Roman times. With numerous, and impressive, claims to fame along the way.

Originally a type of masonry construction used for decorative work, the ‘herringbone’ consists of regular bricks laid at a 90-degree angle to each other, forming a distinctive brick pattern.

This ancient technique, often used as an infill pattern in walls, is experiencing something of a renaissance. Architects, designers and shopfitters are embracing the next striking trend in retail – patterned brick facades.

Unlike traditional brickwork, however, DuraBric has turned the stonemason’s artistry into a simple application. How? By ingeniously creating the new Dura Herringbone profile. A lightweight, imitation brick panel that is fast and easy to install, but looks like the work of a master bricklayer.

The brick facade, with its many angles, would no doubt catch a customer’s eye. With its tightly interlocking pattern, Dura Herringbone delivers a dynamic design that oozes energy and activity.

And tailoring nicely into another favourite trend is the way herringbone lends itself to seamless indoor-outdoor flow. More commonly used as a pattern for pathways it can now extend out of the garden and up the walls. A perfect solution for hospitality perhaps – or a great way to stand out from the crowd.

With global brands like Hermes and Aesop leading the charge to elevate the humble brick to noteworthy heights, will Australia embrace this latest trend? 

While our local brands may bulk at the budgets these global behemoths spend, DuraBric’s herringbone panels make it not just affordable but easy and convenient.    

Our new Dura Herringbone profile with its 130 x 60mm brick size interlocked at a 45-degree angle can be used for interior and exterior facades. Wow your customer, and your competition alike. Contact us to request a sample today.

Looking for inspiration or some great ideas on how to finish off your fake brick cladding? Check out our gallery or Instagram feed.

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