Locally owned business DuraBric provides Australian made products for people looking fir a lightweight, cost effective brick alternative.

Australian made products from locally owned business DuraBric…

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Australian made brick panels sourced locally are becoming more popular, reflecting the shift from global procurement practices to local.

Due to economic uncertainty and disruption of global supply chains, many businesses are now desperately searching for local Australian made brick products and other building material alternatives to support their business.   

Global supply chain vs. local

Here at DuraBric, we have always sourced the materials for our Australian made fake brick products locally. It makes good business sense to us to have close, reliable supplier partnerships. Here are five reasons why:

  1. Local materials reduce the cost of transportation, which likewise reduces our environmental footprint. 
  2. Our short supply chain means no unnecessary handling or cost.
  3. Our materials don’t get held up in transit so our brick panels have a shorter production time.  
  4. We source local quality materials to guarantee high-quality products.
  5. Sourcing local materials provides a buffer from global events beyond our control.

Supporting the Australian economy

Another key advantage is the potential benefit to our Australian economy. A local market means a strong and robust local economy. Therefore, less prone to significant impact from overseas markets. Keeping the money trail local has wider benefits, too. It can drive a ripple effect that spreads throughout the local economy. 

How does this affect you?

All these components add up to important savings for our customers. Firstly, because our brick panel solutions are more cost-effective. And secondly, faster delivery and installation. For shop fit-out trades and retail stores, this can make a world of difference. 

Need a great, locally made, brick alternative? Look no further. Our locally owned business delivers reliable solutions, great service and all the advice you need. And, of course, our products are all Australian made. Contact us for a quote or to request a sample today.

For some great ideas on how to finish your DuraBric check out our gallery or Instagram feed.


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