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Australian made DuraBric products from locally sourced materials
Australian made and owned locally…
750 425 Durabric

Australian made brick panels sourced locally are becoming more popular, reflecting the shift from global procurement practices to local. Due to economic uncertainty and disruption of global supply chains, many…

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Brick cladding system clicks for Lego Kaboom with Dura Tumbled profile used for fit-out from DuraBric.
Brick cladding system clicks for Lego Kaboom…
750 425 Durabric

Much like putting together a lego kit, using a brick cladding system is a clever way to fit-out multiple concept stores. No wonder Trivision Shopfitting turned to the DuraBric brick…

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Traditional Dura Tumbled bricks profile from DuraBric with painted txt and white background finish – Wings of Glory Cafe, Melbourne
Shopfitters tumbled bricks secret
800 530 Durabric

Australians seem to have an enduring love of tumbled brickwork. You know the kind… You walk into a charming eatery wrapped in a cosy warm tumbled bricks facade. If walls…

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Use colour on your fake brick wall cladding to great effect with DuraBric.
Retail colour trends for brick look cladding
900 425 Durabric

Use colour on your fake brick look cladding to great effect. More importantly, save time, money and resources on your ‘brick’ wall install. Best of all, use DuraBric panels as…

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Award-winning shopfitter and interior designer takes out the accolades with Rivalry and Dura Standard from DuraBric.
Award winning retail fitout, by design…
750 425 Durabric

Retail fitout expert and interior designer Influence by Design didn’t get its name by chance. Grounded in a design philosophy of simplicity, functionalism and expertise their work speaks for itself.…

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Naked Foods uses Dura Standard flash bricks with a painted white finish from DuraBric
Setting the standard using false bricks… Wait, what?
650 500 Durabric

We understand the confusion. How can using false bricks set the standard for a retail fit-out? The answer is simple. Dura Standard, our most popular profile, delivers a real brick…

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Quick brick retrofit gives them the edge with Dura Tumbled from DuraBric – Edge Clothing, Melbourne
Quick brick retrofit is the Edge…
750 425 Durabric

Edge Clothing is not so much known for using quick brick solutions as it is for funky clothing labels and original style. Their latest store fit-out, at Westfields Plenty Valley…

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DuraBric shares the best kept secret of a successful shop fit out
The best-kept secret of a successful shop fit-out
750 425 Durabric

The humble clay brick might be touted as Australia’s number one building material but that’s little comfort when it comes to a shop fit out or commercial retrofit. While bricks…

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Fast food giant KFC is on the fake – with it’s new exterior brick cladding Dura Standard from DuraBricFast food giant KFC is on the fake – with it’s new exterior brick cladding Dura Standard from Durabric
Fast food giant KFC is on the fake – with it’s new exterior brick cladding
575 325 Durabric

Yes, that’s right. You heard it here first. KFC is on the fake – and looking rather good, we might add. Proudly supporting a stylish exterior brick cladding, the newest KFC…

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Dura SlimBric, from DuraBric, with its thin elegant lines, epitomises a modern brick look Australians have been obsessed with, since the latest mid-century modern revival. 
Meet the mid-century modern brick – SlimBric
575 325 Durabric

Introducing our new ‘mid-century’ modern brick style SlimBric. Designed for contemporary retail and commercial fit-outs. Our new DuraBric profile SlimBric, with its thin elegant lines, epitomises a modern brick look…

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