How to install brick veneer panels using DuraBric panels or exterior brick cladding

How to install your brick veneer panels

You can easily install your brick veneer using Durabric panels. Just follow the simple instructions below. For more detailed information and instructions, download the individual DuraBric profile install guide you need.


Check all DuraBric panels are the right way up. Panels need to be installed with the 10mm mortar line at the top, above the first row of bricks.

Top edge with mortar line

Mortar Line

Work out the brick pattern

To get an authentic brick pattern we recommend installing all DuraBric panels using an offset layout. Dura Standard, Tumbled, Rustic and Cinderblock 3 panels need to be installed offset to maintain the correct brick pattern. Offset each alternate panel row, cut the panel overhang at the end of the row and use to fill the offset gap.

Dura Cinderblock 2 & 4 and Slimbrick 10 & 12 panels can be stacked however, panel edges may be more visible on the finished wall.

Installing DuraBric using an offset layout

Installing a brick veneer panels using an offset layout

Installing DuraBric using a stacked layout

Installing brick veneer panels using a stacked layout

For more information on how to get an authentic brick pattern finish download the individual How to Install product guide for each DuraBric profile.


It is important to prepare the panels before you start installing your brick veneer.

  1. Ensure the edges of sheets are free from excess brick.
  2. Cut panels (if required) using a masonry disc in a circular saw or angle grinder.
  3. Mitre corners at 45 degrees.


DuraBric panels need to be installed over a continuous substrate such as plaster, 6-8mm bracing ply, Gyproc or Blueboard. If there are exposed brick corners in high traffic areas consider using corner trims.

  1. Start by installing the bottom panels and work upwards to the top.
  2. Panels need to be butt-joined. The half bricks on each alternate row will align to create one full brick.
  3. When fixing panels in place screw through the brickface not through mortar lines.
  4. 10-12 screws per panel is recommended.
  5. Sink screws approximately 2mm into brick face.
  6. Conceal all screw holes and corner gaps with filler provided.
  7. Filler supplied is ready to use – do not add water.
  8. To remove excess filler, sand with an off-cut piece of DuraBric, brickface-to-brickface.

Now all you need to do is apply a finish to the brick face.


DuraBric panels can be installed on an external wall, to create an authentic brick veneer, if you follow these directions.

  1. Make sure panels and substrate are dry.
  2. If required, seal the rear of panels with a good quality masonry sealer, to protect from becoming wet after installation.
  3. When installing to an exterior that may get wet, we recommend using non-corrosive screws such as stainless steel or galvanised screws.

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