Our imitation brick panels are one of the safest fake brick products on the market, with a Group 1 fire safety rating and certified FTI.

DuraBric imitation brick panel specifications

Our imitation brick panels are one of the safest fake brick products on the market. DuraBric panels have a Group 1 fire safety rating certification.

Fire safety certification

Tested by AWTA, our range of brick panels have all earned a certified Failed to Ignite (FTI) and ‘Group 1’ fire rating. Products with very low heat release rates are classified as Group 1. DuraBric panels, even after 10 minutes of testing, failed to ignite.

Other imitation brick products made from materials such as PVC may not comply with ‘Group 1’ requirements in retail environments. Durabric is the safe fake brick choice for retail and hospitality spaces.

Find out more about the benefits of using DuraBric for shop fitting and commercial builds.

Material certifications

Our brick panel range is made using a number of materials, which also have their own certifications. Click on the Materials and Safety Data and Compliance Sheets below to view, or download, material specifications information.

 Bondtech PVA 64 Sand Binder

Hardie-Flex Cement Sheets

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    “We loved using Durabric, it's easy to transport and light weight compared to real bricks.” Adam Fisher, Cost Effective Projects


    a modern thin or slim brick, stacked or offset, to make your feature wall stand out.


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