Naked Foods uses Dura Standard false bricks with a painted white finish from DuraBric

Setting the standard using false bricks… Wait, what?

650 500 Durabric

We understand the confusion. How can using false bricks set the standard for a retail fit-out? The answer is simple. Dura Standard 214, our most popular profile, delivers a real brick look and feel.

But that’s just the start. If recent trends are an accurate indicator, ‘bricks and mortar’ retail experiences will continue embracing the natural and sustainable. In this regard, DuraBric’s standard brick panels have a lot to offer. Here are 7 great reasons to use Dura Standard false bricks for your next fit-out.

1. A modern, timeless base design

Expressing your brand in a physical retail space is of paramount importance. But as trends come and go the need to update, without blowing the budget, is also a central consideration. Choosing neutral earthy materials for walls, such as a simple brick pattern, provides a timeless base to build on.

2. Living in the temporary economy 

So you have a new fit-out. Doesn’t mean you can’t switch things around. In this fast-paced world, constant change is the new, well new. Make it easy to innovate and update your decor, using Dura Standard panels as a base canvas. Mix it up a little. Change the colour. Add some plants. Paint a wall mural. Or let your new false bricks fade into the background, the perfect foil for highlighting product displays. 

3. Raise the roof 

Ok, maybe not the roof. But there is a burgeoning trend of raising ceilings to create more natural, airy, light-dappled spaces. Lifting the overall height can make an interior space feel larger. But extending your brick wall to new heights can be an expensive proposition. While adopting this trend could make a big difference to the character of your store, Durabric Standard panels will make a big difference to your budget.

4. Think Local

Many businesses are now looking for local solutions with less environmental impact. DuraBric panels are locally made in Melbourne from local products. It’s a win-win.

5. Authenticity

In a world full of concrete and glass, people find more natural substrates restful and inviting. The tactile feel of DuraBric panels isn’t just for show. The texture provides an authentic real brick feel. 

6: Prevent waste through design

With the escalating cost of both new fit-outs and subsequent disposal of used materials, developing a more sustainable plan can be a winner. Durabric panels reduce the raw materials required for brickwork with minimal sheet wastage.

7. Travelling light

The weight of your brick wall is significantly reduced using the false bricks on Dura Standard panels. Big savings can also be made when it comes to the cost of freight. And, because Durabric is manufactured using quality non-toxic materials sourced locally, our footprint (and yours) is also less weighty.

Standard 214 size brick profile from DuraBric

Our Dura Standard 214 profile with its 124 x 75mm brick size can be used for interior and exterior facades alike. Get that authentic, traditional brick finish with our quick brick solution. Contact us to request a sample today.

Looking for inspiration or some great ideas on how to finish off your fake brick cladding? Check out our gallery or Instagram feed.

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