Use colour on your fake brick look cladding to great effect with DuraBric.

Retail colour trends for brick look cladding

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Use colour on your fake brick look cladding to great effect. More importantly, save time, money and resources on your ‘brick’ wall install.

Best of all, use DuraBric panels as part of a more sustainable approach. Our fake brick look cladding can provide a versatile backdrop that uses minimal resources and creates little waste. Tailor your instore finish to reflect the latest retail colours and styles, knowing that your underlying substrate is instantly updatable when trends change.

That’s the great thing about Durabric. The thin brick veneer panels look and feel like real brick. With our lightweight brick look cladding, you can easily embrace down to earth palettes, or go for strong contrasting colours.

Create a vibe imbibing plenty of warmth with a simple, neutral palette. Or conceive a more natural, down to earth experience for your customers. Both the look and finish of brick complements natural colours and substrates. Add a ‘green’ wall, with cascading plants to nourish and regenerate.

Many things influence a consumer’s mood and therefore purchasing behaviour. One of the most persuasive can be colour. Our brain registers colour and triggers an emotional response. But it’s not just colour retailers are now using to connect. Textures you can touch are increasingly playing a connecting role.

Colour blocking is another emerging trend. Notch up the energy level with vibrant colour blocks contrasting with softer neutral background tones. These softer colours can also rely on texture to create engaging backdrops to the products themselves. Be bold with black and white bricks.

Today’s retail landscape is changing. You can tone in or stand out. But make sure as you look for more impact, it comes with less footprint. The great news is your fake brick look cladding ticks all the boxes.

Don’t forget to send us some pictures of your shop fit out so we can share your stunning DuraBric creation. Contact us to request a sample today.

For some great ideas on how to finish your DuraBric check out our gallery or Instagram feed.

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