There are lots of great ways to finish off your lightweight brick cladding wall using DuraBric.

Clever finishing ideas for DuraBric’s lightweight brick cladding

575 325 Durabric

There are lots of great ways to finish off your lightweight brick cladding wall. We supply all our DuraBric panels unfinished. Which means you can create any brick wall decor you want. The options are endless. Here, we share some of the best techniques our customers have used to get stunning and creative results.

Branding backdrop

We’ve seen some stunning branded retail fit-outs using DuraBric’s lightweight brick cladding as a contrasting backdrop for logo solutions. From glowing neon signage and backlit logos to 3D marks made from substrates like plaster and wire. Here are some of our favourites:


Painted feature wall

There are endless ways to create great results with a painted finish. Whether it’s a feature brick wall to create contrast within the space or a giant logo directly painted onto the brick, here are some handy tips on getting the best results.

  • Textured – apply a texture coat product tinted to any colour
  • Bagged and painted – use a rough render sealed with a single acrylic paint colour or painted graphic
  • Realistic – creating a realistic brick finish by applying paint effects to the brick face

When painting your DuraBric panels we recommend using acrylic paints and sealers. Avoid enamel products or thinners. They may cause the brick face to soften.


Wall illustrations

Another painted finish we’ve seen used to great effect is the wall illustration. Starting with a colour backdrop artists have transformed simple walls into vibrant, entertaining and memorable scenes. 


Laser printing

That’s right. It is possible to laser print DuraBric panels. And here’s a stunning finish, created using that process, from LF Media. For more information on how to laser print your wall cladding panels give us a call or send us an email.

There are lots of great ways to finish off your lightweight brick cladding wall. You can even laser print DuraBric.


We hope some of these applications have inspired you to come up with a fabulous finish for your lightweight brick cladding. Contact us to find out more. And don’t forget to send us some pictures so we can share your fantastic DuraBric creation too.

Looking for more inspiration or some great ideas on how to finish off your fake brick cladding? Check out our gallery or Instagram feed.

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