DuraBric shares the best kept secret of a successful shop fit out

The best-kept secret of a successful shop fit-out

750 425 Durabric

The humble clay brick might be touted as Australia’s number one building material but that’s little comfort when it comes to a shop fit out or commercial retrofit.

While bricks have a long and lustrous history they are hardly a fast and cost-effective solution for a shop fit out. But, when you’re creating a sensory atmosphere for customers, fake just won’t do the trick.

Until now, that is.

It’s a difficult balancing act. Fast fit outs save time and money, getting that all-important front door open sooner. But, once customers are in, you don’t want to lose them due to a cheap fit out full of compromises. That’s why shopfitters love DuraBric.

These fake brick panels are a win-win. Lightweight and easy to install, DurBric panels can be fixed to an existing wall. A faster solution than traditional brickwork, without the load-bearing restrictions.

And the best part? These imitation brick panels look and feel just like the real thing.

As retail trends look toward sustainable solutions there is no doubt a shift in consumer attitudes has prompted retailers to take their environmental footprint more seriously. Layered neutral tones and natural elements, like cork and wood, are becoming more common. DuraBric provides the perfect back-drop.

It’s almost become the material of choice, especially with architects. A simple painted brick finish can bring a tactile richness to the retail space, creating a modern but timeless base design. A warm and inviting canvas.

“It’s not about just plastering your walls with a brick substitute,” says DuraBric’s Managing Director, Jason Nolan. “Our brick panels have been used in all sorts of ways. It’s not uncommon for the customer to choose a profile that enhances other architectural features.”

Whether used as a uniting element for mixed materials or highlighting sustainable credentials, these hard-wearing faux brick panels can add both sophistication and longevity.

Today’s retail landscape might be more demanding. The great news is your brick aesthetic doesn’t have to be.

Don’t forget to send us some pictures of your shop fit out so we can share your stunning DuraBric creation. Contact us to request a sample today.

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