Quick brick retrofit gives them the edge with Dura Tumbled from DuraBric – Edge Clothing, Melbourne

Quick brick retrofit is the Edge…

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Edge Clothing is not known for embracing quick brick solutions. But, it is well known for funky clothing labels and original style. Their latest store fit-out, at Westfields Plenty Valley Shopping Centre in South Morang, is no exception.

It’s only natural customers seek out products, places and experiences that feel unique. Predictable uniformity is out. More natural materials are in. And having a tactile interior has become a key strategy for retailers. Using a quick brick solution delivers that tactile experience. With the bonus of a fast install for a reasonable price.

Completed in mid-September, Edge’s revitalised store has a distinctly trendy vibe. Light-coloured timbers and smooth black metal, set off the cool white textured finish of DuraBric’s tumbled fake brick panels. The result is a space that pleases the senses. A multitude of finishes mesh together to surround the customer with textures that invite the touch. And, in the case of DuraBric, pass the test.

Light-coloured timbers and smooth black metal set off the white Dura Tumbled quick brick from DuraBric – Edge Clothing fit out, Melbourne

Keeping your edge…

With a chain of stores spread out across Australasia, Edge understands the cost of a closed store. Success in the retail business means staying fresh. Being nimble is also important. But, most important, is being open.

That’s why they chose DurBric’s quick brick solution, when retrofitting the store. Dura Tumbled brick panels were the perfect solution for showing off a textured tumbled brick facade.

Traditional brickwork takes time, making it costly. Using DuraBric’s fast to install fake brick panels can keep the downtime to a minimum. In this case, the store was only out of action for about two weeks. Plenty of time to finish the whole refit.

Fitout specialist, Premier Construction and retailer Edge Clothing knew they could rely on DuraBric. Both to speed up the project and to deliver an authentic experience. How? A simple installation process. And a quality final product. The long-standing relationship between Edge Clothing and DuraBric suggests more great fit-outs to come. A new store and bright future. Now that’s worth celebrating.

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Specifications: Dura Tumbled, interior store refit build, finished with Dulux texture coat in white
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