Brick cladding panels – how to measure how many DuraBric panels you need

How to measure up: how many brick cladding panels will I need?

Our brick cladding panels are all the same size, for every DuraBric profile. So, measuring up to determine how many DuraBric panels you will need is easy. You can just follow this simple method.  

  1. Measure the height of the area you want to cover.
  2. Measure the length of the area you want to cover.
  3. Multiply the height x the length to get the metre2 coverage.
  4. The number of metre= the number of DuraBric panels you need.

For example a wall 3m x 5m = 15 metre– so, for this area you would need 15 DuraBric panels.

We recommend working on an average of 1 metre2 coverage per panel, even though the panels are actually 1.08 metre2. This includes a standard waste allowance, in case you need to cut any panels, to fit the required space.

When installing Dura Standard, Dura Tumbled, Dura Rustic and Dura Cinderblock 3 an offset layout is recommended. This may result in a slightly higher waste allowance.

Use the Durabric calculator below, to calculate how many brick cladding panels your project requires. If you need some help give us a call, or send us an email. We can help you work it out.

Try out the Durabric calculator to see how many panels you need:

Installing around a wall feature?

No problem. Our easy to install, DuraBric panels can simply be cut to the size and shape you need. For advice on measuring and installing around a wall feature, or a more complex space, give us a call or send us an email.

DuraBric panel dimensions

All our DuraBric panels measure 600mm x 1800mm. They can be installed horizontally, or vertically. See How to Install.

Note: the specifications below are approximate.

Durabric panel dimensions

DuraBric is:




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“We loved using Durabric, it's easy to transport and light weight compared to real bricks.” Adam Fisher, Cost Effective Projects


A traditional brick finish that looks like brick and feels like brick.


Durabric is fast and easy to install, just follow our simple online instructions.